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Skunk Hybrid

/, Indica, Sativa/Skunk Hybrid

Skunk Hybrid


(otherwise known as “Skunk Number 1” or “Skunk 1”)

This is probably the most seasoned strain still on the mainstream advertise and is for all intents and purposes become and accessible world wide.  Emerging during the 1970s from an Indica-Sativa blend, Skunk #1 was one of the primary known, effective matings of a Sativa and Indica strain.  Most “skunk” strains are based from this one.

The plants are of normal stature (125-150cm inside) and develop well much of the time of moderate to warm temperatures.  The plants produce thick buds in high return and has a sweet smell and unmistakable “skunk” flavor.  THC is normal and the buzz isn’t dependable, yet potent.  This plant is regularly recommended for queasiness and comparable side effects.

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Skunk #1
Variety: Hybrid
THC Level: medium-low
Flowering Time: 9 weeks
Yield: 300 grams per 1000 watts

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1/4 Pound, Ounce, Pound


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