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* All Strains are Natural, all Cannabis Pitch is Nourishment Evaluation.

* All Isopropyl Tars recorded here are made by our confided in companions at CannaMed.

* There are 7-10 grams of natural Blooms Just in every gram of this superb Pitch.

* Our Saps can be breathed in/vaporized, taken orally, or utilized as a topical balm (apply Pitch to gauze for wound consideration).

** All pitches can be dispatched in a vial, or in an oral syringe.

** Strains are accessible whenever recorded in the drop-down menu.


Make a Custom Tincture and make your Pitch simple to take orally, to heat/cook with, or potentially to apply topically to treat skin afflictions. We are glad to do this for you for a little $5 handling charge!

We utilize just the best quality MCT Coconut Oil (Fractionated) = Unscented, bland, fluid at room temperature.


1) First pick the sort and measure of Resin(s) you need. Add to your Shopping basket.

2) At that point pick the “Blend your Gum with MCT Coconut Oil” choice.

3) Pick the Compartment of your decision:

• 10ml Fragrance based treatment Container

• 30ml Jug with a Top

• 30ml Container with a Dropper

4) Rehash the means above for each Tincture you wish to have made for you.

5) At last, make a note in the Request Notes telling us which Resin(s) you need transformed into a Tincture, in what sums, and in which bottles, just to ensure we know precisely what you need. We’ll deal with the rest!


CANNATONIC – 1:1 Proportion – CBD:THC – 45%

Reared to be high in Cannabidiol (CBD) and lower in THC. High help with discomfort, low psycho movement.

GOD BUD #8 – 36% CBD/14% THC (blooms test at 6% CBD/2% THC)

Reared to be high in Cannabidiol (CBD) and lower in THC. High help with discomfort, low psycho action.

HIGH THC Pitches

BLUE Cheddar – Indica

Help with discomfort, unwinding, stress alleviation. Against convulsive, upper, tranquilizer.

BLUE DREAM – Half and half – 78.5% THC

Clear and adjusted daytime help with discomfort. Unwinding, rapture. Hostile to nervousness, stress/strain help. 50/50 Half and half

Blueberry x Cloudiness

Treats AND CREAM – Half and half

Help with discomfort, stimulant, stress alleviation. Unwinding, happiness. Tranquilizer.

Ace KUSH – Indica – 79% THC

A sleeping disorder, relief from discomfort, hostile to nervousness, extremely substantial body buzz.

Cautioning – a lot of can prompt snoozing/couchlock!

PINK KUSH – Mixture

Help with discomfort, hunger help, against tension. Unwinding, tranquilizer.

PURPLE KUSH – Indica – 75.6% THC

Help with discomfort, hunger help, unwinding. Tranquilizer.


Help with discomfort without being excessively substantial. Hunger incitement. Enduring “utilitarian” impacts.

THC Blend – Blue Cheddar/Pink Kush/Purple Kush/UBC Chemo – Blend

Relief from discomfort, craving incitement, hostile to uneasiness. Stress alleviation, energizer. Unwinding, tranquilizer. Contains a few or the majority of the recorded strains.

SATIVA Blend – Blend

Dependable relief from discomfort. Daytime vitality, focus. Cerebral pain alleviation, eye strain help, hostile to nervousness.

UBC CHEMO – Indica

Solid help with discomfort, hunger help, unwinding. Tranquilizer, against tension, stimulant.