Hawaiian Kush

//Hawaiian Kush

Hawaiian Kush


Variety: Indica
THC Level: medium
Flowering Time: 8 weeks
Yield: 175 gram per 1,000 watt

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Hawaiian Kush For Sale

Hawaiian Kush For Sale can not to be mistaken for it’s increasingly well known cousin Maui Wowie, Hawaiian is a cross between two skunk strains that are accepted to be local to the Islands. This made a bigger plant with higher power and bud sizes, two of the most widely recognized insufficiencies of skunk strains. These are tall plants, coming to almost 160cm and these are regularly developed inside as hydroponics.

The Hawaiian blooms for around about two months, has a substantial smoke that can be unforgiving for the unpracticed, yet holds a decent, intense buzz. This is regularly endorsed for blend and-match use to keep interminable patients in assortment, frequently as an agony executioner or craving enhancer.

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